Rhondalynn Pisanello, is a proud western Canadian, spouse, mother and grandmother.

Rhonda spent half of her childhood living overseas listening to a wide range of music and fell in love with the musical world as a young teen.

A significant hearing loss was discovered, when she was just sixteen years old. Now, with less than 10% of her natural hearing left in both ears and deteriorating more every year, she hopes with all her heart that technology aids her in hearing something right to the end, for she cannot imagine, even a single day without music.

Her inspiration to pursue music more seriously came much later in life, in the form of a surprise email from the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame Inductee and Legend, Mr. Ray Griff.

Mr. Griff wrote to Rhonda, much to her surprise, in January 2014 after hearing one of her songs she had written for her children. Along with the encouragement of her family and friends, Mr. Griff also encouraged her to further explore and pursue her song writing. Rhonda kept in touch with Ray, who mentored her until his sad and sudden passing in March 2016.

Rhonda enjoys writing many different genres of music and aims for placing some of her commercial songs within the TV/Film and Sync Industries and with other Artists one day.

She has already made a few trips to Nashville in the last few years, along with taking many courses and classes. She continues to develop some wonderful connections with other professionals both sides of the border, all on her pursuit to hone her craft.

Rhonda has also placed as a semi-finalist with many of her songs and as a Top-ten finalist in the UK Songwriting Competition 2016 and 2017 along with a semi-finalist slot in the ISC 2018, with her song written for her twin grandsons, Wahoo Yazoo.

Rhonda is a 3-time FACTOR funded grant award winner, was listed with NSAI as a ‘writer to watch’, as well as listed for consideration for their publisher’s luncheon main event.

More recently, some of her collaborations have been forwarded to other artists for recording consideration such as, Reba McIntire, Rascal Flatts, Mathew Ewing and other artists as well as some of her co-written songs have been placed with music libraries such as Washington Street Publishing in Nashville, TN.

Rhonda is a member of SOCAN, SAC, CMAB, CCMA, Alberta Music, The Syndicut, NSAI SongTown and SONGU and has no plans of slowing down anytime soon.